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The teaching activities of the institute include a series of regular and special lectures, the tutoring of students in proseminars, and the organization of research seminars. Master students can carry out their master thesis in one of our research groups.

On the bachelor level the Institute for Theoretical Physics provides lectures in the Theory Cycle, covering the following topics: 

  • Classical Mechanics
  • Quantum Mechanics I
  • Quantum Mechanics II
  • Electrodynamics
  • Mechanics of Continua
  • Theory of Heat

Master courses cover topics in core fields of high-energy physics, condensed matter physics, astrophysics and quantum information theory. A large number of elective courses give access to important modern fields of theoretical physics in all scientific areas which are represented in our institute.

Students interested in master theses can contact the research groups directly.

Proseminars give the opportunity to explore active research topics outside of the realm of ordinary courses. Students learn to study from advanced textbooks and orginal research articles with the help of tutors. Students are then required to orally present their topic to their peers and also deliver a written report following the format of a scientific article. The themes of the proseminar are motivated by the areas of research represented in the ITP, such as condensed matter theory, mathematical physics, computational physics, quantum information, particle theory, quantum field theory and string theory.    

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