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Below you find information about courses offered in the spring semester 2017. For information on past and future courses, please use the navigation page on the left. Additional material and schedules can be accessed through the links on the right.

Bachelor courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0204-00L Electrodynamics  M. Gaberdiel
402-0206-00L Quantum Mechanics II  T. K. Gehrmann
402-0234-00L Mechanics of Continua  G. M. Graf
402-2214-00L Theory of Heat  R. Renner

Master core courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0394-00L Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology  A. Refregier,
L. M. Mayer
402-0702-00L Phenomenology of Particle Physics II  A. Rubbia,
S. Pozzorini
402-0844-00L Quantum Field Theory II  N. Beisert
402-0871-00L Solid State Theory  V. Geshkenbein

Specialized courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0448-01L Quantum Information Processing I: Concepts  J. Home,
A. Wallraff
402-0505-00L Physics in the Smartphone  M. Sigrist,
B. Batlogg
402-0703-00L Phenomenology of Physics Beyond the Standard Model  M. Spira,
L. Shchutska
402-0810-00L Computational Quantum Physics  G. Carleo
402-0812-00L Computational Statistical Physics  M. Mendoza Jimenez,
M. Henkel,
M. Lukovic
402-0832-11L Applications of General Relativity in Astrophysics and Cosmology  P. Jetzer
402-0848-00L Advanced Field Theory  A. Signer
402-0888-00L Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics  C. Mudry
402-0895-00L The Standard Model of Strong and Electroweak Interactions  M. Spira,
A. Lazopoulos

Other Courses

Number Unit Lecturer
401-5810-00L Seminar in Physics for CSE  A. Soluyanov
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