Proseminars in Theoretical Physics

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The Institute offers four Proseminars in Theoretical Physics for the upcoming Spring semester.  

Topic assignment

The assignment of topics took place on Monday, December 12, 2016.


The student prepares a presentation of around, but not more than, one hour duration, on a specific topic assigned in advance. A tutor from the Institute of Theoretical Physics will provide literature and give a feedback on the student's progress. Students keep the tutor informed about their work in weekly meetings, starting (at least) 6 weeks before the date of the final presentation.

Requirements for passing the module

  • The student gives a pedagogical talk on the assigned topic, demonstrating a firm understanding of the subject. The presentation is
    shown to the tutor a week in advance.
  • A written scientific report in english (6 pages double-column PRB format) is handed in 4 weeks after the presentation. This report
    covers the presented material.
  • The presence of the student is required in at least 80% of sessions.
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