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Recent articles in ETH News on research at ITP and on related topics.


Success by deception

Theoretical physicists from ETH Zurich deliberately misled intelligent machines, and thus refined the process of machine learning. They created a new method that allows computers to categorise data – even when humans have no idea what this categorisation might look like. Read more 


Taming complexity

Quantum systems consisting of many particles are a major challenge for physicists, since their behaviour can be determined only with immense computational power. ETH physicists have now discovered an elegant way to simplify the problem. Read more 


Three ETH projects funded

Three ETH Zurich researchers have received ERC Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council (ERC). Their projects will each receive approximately 2 million Swiss francs in funding. Read more 


Gaming in the name of science

Quantum mechanics can be entertaining: anyone with a few minutes to spare for a video game on 30 November can do their bit to help solve a fundamental question of physics that was once argued over by Albert Einstein and Nils Bohr. ETH Professor Andreas Wallraff explains what the Big Bell Test is all about. Read more 


At the frontier of quantum physics

The ETH Zurich Latsis Prize 2016 goes to ETH physics professor Jonathan Home. He studies the frontier between quantum and classical physics using individual charged atoms that he controls with high precision. Read more 


Hot on the heels of quasiparticles

Electrons in a solid can team up to form so-called quasiparticles, which lead to new phenomena. Physicists at ETH in Zurich have now studied previously unidentified quasiparticles in a new class of atomically thin semiconductors. The researchers use their results to correct a prevailing misinterpretation. Read more 


Metal in chains

The electronic energy states allowed by quantum mechanics determine whether a solid is an insulator or whether it conducts electric current as a metal. Researchers at ETH have now theoretically predicted a novel material whose energy states exhibit a hitherto unknown peculiarity. Read more 


Barbara and Diethelm Würtz ✝

It is with great sadness that we report the deaths of Diethelm and Barbara Würtz, who were killed in a car accident on 28 July 2016. Both Diethelm and Barbara worked at the ETH Zurich: Prof. Dr. Diethelm Würtz as a researcher and teacher in the Institute for Theoretical Physics, and Dipl.-Psych. Barbara Schröder-Würtz as an advisor in the Human Resources Division. Read more 


Beauty comes in many shapes

In the current issue of the journal Nature Physics, ETH physicists Oded Zilberberg and Sebastian Huber describe unexpected connections between physics and the mathematical field of topology. With their pieces they provide intriguing outlooks on two aspects of ‘topological matter’ — a field of great current interest, and one to which physicists at ETH Zurich have contributed substantially over the years. Read more 


Eight professors appointed at ETH Zurich

Upon application of ETH President Lino Guzzella the ETH Board appointed a total of eight professors and awarded the title of professor to one individual. Read more 

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