Electronic and Photonic Quantum Engineered Systems

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Our research is centered on the study of quantum engineered systems, with all corresponding modern ramifications such as topology, out-of-equilibrium, controllability, and consequences for fundamental physics and device applications.

This group headed by Oded Zilberberg will start operation in Summer 2016.

The group's principal fields of interest are quantum transport in mesoscopic systems and manifestations of exotic material properties in quantum engineered systems. In both research avenues, we maintain strong synergy with experiments.

In the context of mesoscopic transport, we analyze the out-of-equilibrium interplay between quantum transport and quantum measurement. This involves translation of fundamental ideas and protocols from measurement theory to realistic microscopic models. Such adaptation of purely theoretical ideas to predicted transport signatures has led to various applications in amplified sensing, quantum information processing, and detection of fractional particle statistics.

Additionally, we study the manifestation and demonstration of exotic material properties in coupled light and matter metamaterials, which is a very promising route for optoelectronics. Specifically, we analyze the impact of the interplay between topology, (quasi-)disorder, interaction, and parametric driving in engineered driven-dissipative photonic crystals and ultracold-atomic systems. Conjoining any pair of the above ingredients leads to very active fields of research, such as, many-body localization, Floquet topological insulators, and topological quasicrystals.

For more information visit our group website.

PhD Positions

In both research avenues, we are currently looking for highly motivated and talented students. Candidates can apply via jobs.itp.phys.ethz.ch/phd/

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