Strongly Correlated Electrons

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Strongly correlated electron systems are among the most intriguing and versatile materials, and their theoretical description and understanding represents one of the greatest challenges in condensed matter physics today.

Our research ranges over the large variety of phenomena and novel phases in these materials. High on the list are the cuprate high-temperature superconductors which continue to spring surprises and questions some twenty years after their discovery. Another focus is the general phenomenon of unconventional superconductivity as it appears in Sr2RuO4 and several heavy Fermion compounds and specially those without inversion symmetry. Magnetism is studied in quantum spin systems, heavy Fermion compounds, transition metal oxides (cobaltates, ruthenates) and transition metal silicides and related materials. Recently our interest has also turned to the magnetic and transport properties of electrons at interfaces in heterostructures of strongly correlated materials and in nano-graphene devices.

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