Former PhD students

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Students of ETH and PSI

* PSI or EMPA student
** Supervisor at PSI or EMPA

Name Defence date Thesis title
Samuel Wehrli
November 2004 Electronic und Vibrational Properties of C60
Prof. Jürg Osterwalder 
Dr. Erich Koch
Paolo Frigeri
December 2005 Superconductivity in Crystals without Inversion Center
Prof. Ernst Bauer
PD Dr. Dirk Manske
Petra Häfliger *
February 2006 Neutron Scattering Study of Complex Magnetic Properties of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Prof. A. Furrer**
Prof. H.-U. Güdel
Michael Schneider *
February 2006 Magnetic Structures and Excitations in the Superconductor HoNi211B2C studied by Neutron Scattering Prof. A. Furrer**
Dr. P. Allenspach
Igor Milat
June 2006 Novel Behaviour in Kondo Compounds induced by Crystal and Magnetic Fields Prof. V. Zlatic
Prof. F.F. Assaad
Martin Indergand
October 2006 Effects of Strong Correlations on Low-Dimensional and Multi-Orbital Electronic Systems Prof. Carsten Honerkamp
Dr. Andreas Läuchli
Andreas Schnyder *
November 2006 From Quasiparticle Properties in High-Temperature Superconductors to Effects of Disorder in Low Dimensional Systems Prof. Bernhard Keimer
Dr. Christopher Mudry**
Urs Aeberhard *
August 2008 A Microscopic Theory of Quantum Well Photovoltaics
Prof. Jerome Faist
Dr. Rudolf Morf**
Andreas Rüegg
April 2009 Physical Properties of Artificially Structured Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Prof. Thilo Kopp
Benedikt Thielemann *
July 2009 Spin Ladder Physics
Prof. Joel Mesot**
Dr. Christian Rüegg
Conradin Kraemer *
September 2009 Quantum Phase Transitions in a Magnetic Model System
Prof. Henrik Ronnow**
Prof. Joel Mesot
Mohamed Zayed *
June 2010 Novel States of Magnetic Materials under Extreme Conditions: A High Pressure Neutron Scattering Study of the Shastry-Sutherland compound SrCu2(BO3)2
Prof. Henrik Ronnow**
Prof. Joel Mesot
Dr. Christian Rüegg
Mark Fischer
June 2010 Exotic Electronic Properties of Ruthenates and Related Materials
Prof. Daniel F. Agterberg
Matthias Ossadnik
October 2011 A wave packet approach to interacting fermions
Prof. T.M. Rice
Prof. Carsten Honerkamp
Titus Neupert *
March 2013 Electron fractionalization in two-dimensional quantum systems: Majorana fermions and fractional topological insulators
Dr. Christopher Mudry**
Prof. Claudio Chamon
Jonathan Buhmann
March 2013 Unconventional Transport Properties of Correlated Two-Dimensional Fermi Liquids
Prof. T.M. Rice
Sebastian Guerrero *
December 2013 Superconductivity and Magnetism in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Dr. Christopher Mudry**
Adrien Bouhon
January 2014 Electronic Properties of Domain Walls in Sr2RuO4
Prof. Christoph Bruder
Daniel Müller
July 2015 Electronic Properties of Strongly Correlated and Disordered Systems
Prof. Bertram Batlogg
Prashant Shinde* August 2016 Theoretical Study of realistic graphene nanoribbons Dr. Daniele Passerone**
Markus Legner September 2016 Topological Kondo insulators: materials at the interface of topology and strong correlations

Prof. Titus Neupert

Prof. Ronny Thomale

Visiting doctor students

Name Defended
Thesis title
Visiting period Co-supervisor
Paola Gentile February 2006
at the University Salerno
Cooperative and Competing Effects between Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism
October 1, 2003 –
November 30, 2004
Prof. Canio Noce
(University of Salerno)
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