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  • pseudogap phase and superconductvity in high-Tc cuprates
  • chiral p-wave superconductivity in Sr2RuO4
  • non-centrosymmetric superconductivity in CePt3Si and related materials
  • magnetic and metallic properties in FeSi, MnSi, FeGe, FeSb2 etc.
  • metamagnetism in Sr3Ru2O7
  • quantum spin systems: magnon BEC, disordered spin systems etc.
  • correlated multi-orbital systems: orbital-selectiv Mott transition, (Ca,Sr)2RuO4, NaxCoO2 etc.
  • electronic properties in heterostructures of strongly correlated electron systems
  • physical properties of nano-graphene systems and C60

Funding and Associations

  • Swiss National Science Foundation, FNSNF
  • Materials with Novel Electronic Properties, MaNEP
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