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Name Defence date Thesis title
David Oehri May 2015 Scattering Matrix Approach to Interacting Electron Transport and Charge Measurements Prof. Dr. G. B. Lesovik, L. D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow, Russia
Barbara Gränz December 2014 Structural Competition in Two-dimensional Dipolar Systems Prof. M. Sigrist, ETH Zurich
V. Geshkenbein, ETH Zurich
Alexander Thomann June 2011 Dynamical Instabilities in Superconducting Systems Prof. T. Giamarchi, University of Geneva, Prof. Dr. A.V. Ustinov, University of Karlsruhe
V. Geshkenbein, ETH Zurich
Fabian Hassler February 2009 Wave-Packet Approach to Full Counting Statistics Prof. Dr. G. B. Lesovik, L. D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow, Russia
Sebastian D. Huber April 2008 Excitations and Transport in Strongly Correlated Bosonic Matter Prof. Dr. M. Lewenstein, ICFO, Barcelona, Spain
Prof. Dr. M. Sigrist, ETH Zurich
Alvise De Col December 2005 Vortex Physics in Layered Superconductors of Finite Geometry Prof. E. Tosatti, SISSA and ITCP, Trieste, Italy
V. Geshkenbein, ETH Zurich
Jérôme Koopmann July 2005 Vortex Pinning in Type-II Superconductors: The Marginal Case and Crossover to Strong Pinning Prof. T. Giamarchi, University of Geneva
V. Geshkenbein, ETH Zurich
Hans Peter Büchler April 2003 Phase Transitions in Quantum Condensed Matter Prof. W. Zwerger, LMU Munich
V. Geshkenbein, ETH Zurich
Malek Bou-Diab September 2002 Simulating Dynamical Vortices: Vortex Collisions, Fluctuations, and Melting Prof. M. Troyer, ETH Zurich
Rolf Heeb February 2000 Topological Defects in Unconventional Superconductors Prof. T.M. Rice, ETH Zurich
Alban L.A. Fauchère March 1999 Transport and Magnetism in Mesoscopic Superconductors Prof. Gerd Schön, Karlsruhe, Germany
Denis A. Gorokhov February 1999 Dynamics in Disordered Systems Dr. V.M. Vinokur, Argonne NL, USA
Orlando Wagner August 1998 Vortex Pinning in High-temperature Superconductors T. Giamarchi, Paris-Sud, France
Henrik Nordborg March 1997 Vortices and 2D bosons: A path integral Monte Carlo Study A. Sudbø, Trondheim, Norway
Andreas Schönenberger February 1996 Plastic Excitations in the Vortex System of Type II Superconductors: Melting and Pinning E.H. Brandt, MPI Stuttgart, Germany
Cristiane de Morais Smith August 1994 Saltos clássicos e quánticos de vórtices intrinsicamente aprisionados em supercondutores de alta temperatura crítica Universidade de Estadual de Campinas, Campinas, Brasil, supervisors G. Blatter and A.O. Caldeira, Campinas, Brazil, work carried out at ETH Zurich
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