Condensed Matter Physics

Prof. Blatter | Group website
Prof. Sigrist | Group website
Prof. Huber | Group website

Mesoscopic physics with focus on transport (conductance, noise, full counting statistics), creation/detection of entanglement, and quantum metrology. Novel quantum phases and transitions in atomic and quantum optical systems (strongly correlated photons, dipolar molecules). Phenomenological aspects of superconductivity and vortex matter. Materials-oriented condensed matter theory with a focus on novel electronic properties induced by material structure and electron correlation.

Mathematical Physics

Prof. Fröhlich | Group website
Prof. Graf | Group website

Research in mathematical physics on subjects including mesoscopic physics, transport theory, open quantum systems, topological insulators, as well as the foundations of thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.

Quantum Field Theory and Strings

Prof. Beisert | Group website
Prof. Gaberdiel | Group website

Mathematical aspects of string theory and conformal field theory as well as quantum field theory and symmetry related aspects.

Computational Physics

Prof. Troyer | Group website
Prof. Würtz
Prof. Schulthess | Group website
Dr. de Forcrand | Group website

Numerical simulations of a wide range of physical and interdisciplinary problems as well as on the development of new object-oriented parallel simulation codes, covering equilibrium and non-equilibrium physics, augmented ab initio schemes (DFT+DCA), novel quantum simulation algorithms, and econophysics.

Particle Physics

Prof. Anastasiou | Group website
Prof. Dr. Aude Gehrmann Group website
Prof. Kunszt | Group website

Particle theory and phenomenology for high-energy accelerator experiments (TEVATRON and LHC), involving state-of-the-art perturbative QCD computations and the development of new mathematical methods in perturbation theory relevant to both precision computations of cross-sections and the discoveries of novel formal properties of highly supersymmetric theories.

Quantum Information Theory

Prof. Renner | Group website

Study of the information processing capabilities of quantum systems. Focus is put on fundamental aspects such as entanglement and randomness as well as on novel technological applications such as quantum computation and cryptography.


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