The elliptic/missing Feynman integrals

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A lot of progress has been made in multiloop computations in recent years due to a deeper understanding of iterated polylogarithmic integrals. As we increase the number of loops or scales, a new class of elliptic integrals arises which need to be explored and for which new techniques and algorithms must be developed.  

The workshop will take place during June 5- June 9 2017 at ETH Zurich and aims to bring together the major experts on this topic in mathematics and theoretical physics. 


  • Lorenzo Tancredi
  • Francesco Moriello
  • Erik Panzer
  • Roberto Bonciani 
  • Johannes Brödel
  • Christian Bogner
  • Nils Matthes
  • Luise Adams
  • Ulf Kühn
  • Bernhard Mistlberger
  • Falko Dulat


Babis Anastasiou, Vittorio del Duca, Claude Duhr

Workshop organized under the aegis of the Pauli Center for Theoretical Studies


Time Speaker Title
10:30 - 10:35

Babis Anastasiou

(ETH Zurich)

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