Quantum Field Theory 1

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Fall Semester 2016, ETH Zurich

This course discusses the quantisation of fields in order to introduce a coherent formalism for the combination of quantum mechanics and special relativity.

Topics include:
- Classical Field Theory
- Quantisation of bosonic and fermionic fields
- Interactions in perturbation theory
- Scattering processes and decays
- Quantum Electrodynamics


Lecture Hall & time: HPV G5, Monday 13:45-15:30 & Thursday 08:45-10:30

HEAD ASSISTANT: Dr Elisabetta Furlan is responsible for the organisation of the exercise classes.


A script of the lectures can be found here. It is based on an older version and it is getting updated in every lecture.  Please download the updated version after the end of every lecture for your studies.  We welcome any typographical or other corrections you may find. In such a case please send an email to Prof. Anastasiou with subject "QFT1 script".   

Exercises can be found here. They will be available weekly on Wednesday afternoon (before the Thursday/Friday exercise classes). Participation to the exercise classes is very important, since the final exam will be based on exercises (rather than reciting a part of the script). The exercises will be presented and solved during the exercise classes. Handouts of the solutions will only be provided at the end of the course (before Christmas). If you would like your solutions of the weekly exercises to be corrected and to receive personalised feedback please email a scanned copy to your tutor before Tuesday 4pm.   

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