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Fall Semester 2016

The Particle Physics Seminar takes place during the academic semester on Tuesdays, 11:15-12:15, UZH Campus Irchel at Y36 J33.

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Spring Semester 2016

The Particle Physics Seminar takes place during the academic semester on Tuesdays, 11:15-12:15, ETH Hönggerberg at HIT E 41.1 (exception: 24.05.2016 in HIT K 51).

Date / Speaker Title


Costas Papadopoulos

The Pentabox Master Integrals with the Simplified Differential Equations approach


Florian Goertz 

Testing the Scalar Sector at the LHC  (PDF, 17.1 MB)


Alex Pomarol

Relaxing the weak scale: A new approach to the hierarchy problem  (PDF, 34.3 MB)


Giacomo Cacciapaglia

Fundamental Dynamics for a composite Higgs, and its companions  (PDF, 5.9 MB)


Samuel Abreu

Diagrammatic coproduct of Feynman integrals


HuaXing Zhu

Rapidity renormalization group and transverse-momentum resummation for Higgs production at N3LL  (PDF, 11.7 MB)


Robert Harlander

A new way to determine αs?


Reberto Frezzotti

Mass hierarchy and naturalness from TeV scale strong dynamics  (PDF, 1.4 MB)


Harald Ita

Towards a numerical unitarity approach for two-loop amplitudes in QCD  (PDF, 10.8 MB)





Einan Gardi

The 3-loop soft anomalous dimension in multi-leg scattering


Wouter Waalewijn

Multi-differential resummation


Pier Francesco Monni

Aspects of QCD resummation at colliders


Björn O. Lange

Perturbative Aspects of the B-meson Light-Cone Distribution Amplitude




07/06/20161 (10:00am)

Tevong You

Going Effectively Beyond the Standard Model: Two roads diverge beyond the 750 GeV resonance


Marina Marinkovic

Muon g-2: hadronic contributions and isospin breaking corrections from the lattice


Erik Panzer

The spanning tree polytope, the Hepp bound and sector decomposition

different location: HIT K 51

different location: Y36-K-08 (Irchel)


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