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Below you find information about the courses offered in the semester HS15. For information on past and future courses, please use the navigation page on the left. Additional material can be accessed through the links on the right.

Bachelor courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0205-00L Quantum Mechanics I  G. Blatter
402-2203-01L Classical Mechanics  C. Anastasiou

Master core courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0830-00L General Relativity  M. Gaberdiel
402-0843-00L Quantum Field Theory I  G. Isidori
402-0861-00L Statistical Physics  M. Sigrist
402-0891-00L Phenomenology of Particle Physics I  C. Grab,
A. Gehrmann-De Ridder


Number Unit Lecturer
402-0210-95L Proseminar Theoretical Physics: Particle Physics at the Energy Frontier  A. Lazopoulos

Specialized courses

Number Unit Lecturer
401-3591-65L Introduction to Random Graphs  A. Knowles
401-4765-65L Partial Differential Equations  D. Christodoulou
401-7851-00L Theoretical Astrophysics (University of Zurich)  R. Teyssier
402-0461-00L Quantum Information Theory  R. Renner
402-0580-00L Superconductivity  R. Chitra
402-0809-00L Introduction to Computational Physics  H. J. Herrmann
402-0811-00L Programming Techniques for Scientific Simulations I  M. Troyer
402-0849-00L Introduction to Lattice QCD  P. De Forcrand
402-0851-00L QCD: Theory and Experiment  G. Dissertori,
C. Anastasiou
402-0866-00L Soft Condensed Matter  V. Geshkenbein
402-0867-00L Programming Techniques for Scientific Simulations II  M. Troyer
402-0875-65L Topological Aspects of Condensed Matter Physics  G. M. Graf
402-0883-63L Symmetries in Physics  N. Beisert
402-0899-65L Higgs Physics  M. Grazzini,
M. Donegà

Other courses

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0107-20L High Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) I  P. Koumoutsakos,
M. Troyer
401-5820-00L Seminar in Computational Finance for CSE  D. Würtz
402-2000-00L Scientific Works in Physics  D. Würtz
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